Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Mushroom Bible

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All the rain promises and more... is such a helpful book while being out in the field. It has helped me identify quite a few mushrooms. I actually came across this one (left) in the forest while I was wandering around, Shaggy stalked parasol is its most common name (Lepiota clypeolaria) its other name is (Lepiota ventriosospora). (This mushroom, yes it resembles a human breast) it is NOT edible. It is poisonous and is usually less than three inches broad. Anyways this proves how fantastic and beautiful this book is and I am still identifying many different fungus in my area.
 This is a coral fungus. Ramariopsis Kunzei, White coral fungus. Again, within ten minutes I had this one all figured out. I love this handbook so much because it has accurate descriptions of the fungus of which you are  in pursuit of. This Fungi bible is also a real tease if you can't go hunting when you want, I usually  read this book before I go to sleep and I can't sleep. Im not saying this is a bad thing, I just get crazy ideas like I could go out at twelve a.m. on a school night. Where I live I could walk a mile and come back with a whole bunch of fungi and this is great don't get me wrong but my mycophilia really kicks in at night and forces insomnia upon my mind.

What I’m getting at is this book will convert you if you have a slight doubt about going out on your own to find wild fungi. David Arora wrote the perfect pocket guide. The first page you flip to brings you straight to the fungus that you have in mind or in hand. All the rain promises and more... has a quick key that allows you to get where you need to be in the book within minutes. The key is organized by just distinct visuals, for example if it doesn't have a ring on the stalk then you may flip to page 14-32. Some guides are bulky and large, but this one is paperback and is easily flipped though. Honestly,you don't have to be a professional mycologist to identify fungus with this book, because he simplifies identifying them. In the preface of the book David Arora asserts “each mushroom is illustrated with one or more color photographs accompanied by a concise, easy-to-understand list of identifying features plus information on edibility and habitat.” I am going to come out and say it, i want to be David Arora he really inspires me to push further and further to become a mycologist. I am hopefully getting a job at a local plant nursery so I can learn more about the biology of plants because a lot of mushrooms have certain trees, ferns, shrubs, and plants that they favor to grow around or on. I feel like when i get older I will have a chain of trailers, all with regulated temperatures with many different types of mushrooms.

I wish that one day I could meet Arora in person, just because he is so intelligible. I feel like he could really break down fungus to a person simply because he wrote All that the Rain Promises and more…. I see Arora as a goal to me, I dream of being fungus smart like Arora. When i talk to other people about fungi i get really weird looks and it makes me cringe madly, that doesn't help my position at all but people are so uninformed. I know that one day we will achieve greatness as human beings by getting more in touch with our world, mushrooms are so beneficial to the growth and strength of many things in our beautiful world.

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