Friday, February 13, 2015

Forest of force

It is quite the day for me. I feel as if today is going to be one of those euphoric days. I get to spend today by myself, in the rain, in the mud. I take in the rain, the energy, the watching eyes of all life forms. I start in the dark, tall forests of Humboldt County. I can feel the love and need for each other, the network that is so connected and in-sync. One can say they feel what I have felt, but if you haven't spent countless hours walking and examining, then you would have absolutely no idea what I am preaching about. It's like feeling the greatest force in the world, and it comes at us like earthquake rolling beneath, waves of feelings and emotions. I wish you could know the things I have seen. The part of the world I’m talking about is beautiful, elegant, and sweet. This piece of the world is small, large, deadly, and even infinite. Without it, we would be nothing but dust in the wind, albeit colorful dust in the wind. These beings are colorful and essential to production of food, health, and life.

 They grow so close to us, they live among us, in us. Infectious or not, they will be here to clean up our horrible atrocities. Whether it be war, pollution, or outright violence, they will be here to break down our waste. One thing that bothers me is that they are so feared, so well-known for their destruction and evil, when in all reality, they are something to be feared and loved at the very same time. One must be careful when pursuing these weapons, these lovers, these givers of life. Most are fearful that their children will consume these perfect creatures, but really the children are essential to the gathering of the superb life givers. Reason one, children are short, and being low to the ground is essential to the finding of these small but resourceful beings.  Reason two, children are energetic and fast moving. Reason three, they are always willing to help and it makes them feel useful. It hurts me that people continue today to ignore and shun the use of such a medicinal and beneficial life-form.

 So I set out on this journey, a hunt, if you will. I am not searching for anything in particular, more or less something beautiful, smart, and amazing. Starting down the path everything begins to sway, left then right, then left again repeating motions of joy and ecstasy. I can feel it all, the branches brushed my luminescent, yet fuzzy face. The further I reached into the forest, the more I begin to understand life. I feel as if it is a new start, a new beginning. The large ferns grow like masses of human ribs, curving and extending to something. The redwoods feel like forever… I continue on and meet, very quickly, an insect of flight. He moves along just as I do using me as a landing pad. I don't mind; it makes me feel useful and interesting.

Finally, after two straight hours of continuous leg movement I reached my destination. A forest floor comprised of little yet large creators of this elegant rock that we call home. I feel right, I feel true, most of all I am home. My heart grew as big as my body and as strong as an ox. I wished I could root myself to the ground and take to the customs of these wondrous creatures. If I had the chance, without consequences, I would move there, thrive there. Most think horrible thoughts about this idea, maybe thinking I am insane or mad, when in reality I am the most sane. I set out to expand my mind, with book in hand and a magnifying glass in the other. I found what my heart desired most. The Mushroom Forest.

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  1. This is beautiful. It almost seems poetry like the words fit well with the form and it's very intriguing. Your use of imagery words is enticing and i was drawn in right from the first few lines.