Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Great Guide/Identification website for Beginner Mycologists

If you want a great site to explore picked/identified fungus almost everywhere, then go to this website here. I want to say NOW this is an open source website where anyone can come and post pictures of the fungus and they come across. The people on this website that comment will give you a sure chance of it being the fungus that you have or are currently looking for but, that doesn't make it okay to go out pick "edibles" and pop the venomous fruit into your mouth hole without being 100% percent sure. So this post is just to let you know that this site is great!

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  1. James The Great this post has help me. I'm looking to start into the mushroom game, and wow you have me on my toes waiting for your next post. Keep me updated on the latest mushroom picking.