Wednesday, January 14, 2015

All about the Turkey Tail fungus

So recently I was hanging out with my good friends and it started to get dark outside. I had kept on nagging my friends to go on a walk with me to go look for fungus. On the way to the school in the town there is quite a bit of plant life in Humboldt so it wasn't long before we came across this beauty. Trametes Veriscolor  or better known as turkey tail. According to Bastyr University a natural medicine university, is running a trial on whether or not Turkey tail is a medicinal fungus. Turkey tail is believed by the Chinese that it is an immune system booster, and the people at Bastyr University think that if you use it during chemotherapy it could help keep the patient strong. The great people over in Bastyr University are testing to see if the extract of the fungus will help patients with advanced prostate cancer, and they are pending on the FDA if they can test the fungus on women with breast cancer.

 Isn't it is bonkers that one of the first fungus that I encounter on my first hunt is such a big part of a  $5.4 billion dollar trial. If you are interested in learning more about Turkey tail and its role in this trail then go here. Anyways this bracket fungus was conveniently placed on this stump here and is a natural home remedy in Asia.  Here in america this fungi is still being tested to decide if it has real medicinal properties, to be completely honest I want this fungi to be actually medicinal. My main reason i want this to be medicinal is the fact you can find it almost anywhere. Turkey tail takes over downed or water logged wood. I really like turkey tail because it isn't horribly hard to identify it from the other types of bracket fungi and it actually looks like a turkeys tail.


  1. hey man this is awesome i really think you have an interesting topic. i think you would like this one its called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, its also called the zombie fungus. It grows into the head of ants and controls them.

  2. Wow, that's amazing i had no idea that a mushroom had such history. I think this is a great blog and i cant wait to hear more about fungus and fungi in general. this is great that they think it may help cancer patients and hope to hear more about this subject.